Eye tracker control

In the help (the event editor article) you say that you expect to have in place eye tracker control soon. Is it known how soon this is going to be? Do you have some trial version which we can test with our Tobii eye tracker?

Yours hopeful


Hello Itiana,

We do not have an estimated time of arrival for the eye tracking support in SuperLab. However, when it does go into testing, there are no current plans to include support for the Tobii eye tracker. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you,

That’s a pity. Would it help to include it in the wish list?


Hi Liliana,

We’d love to add support for Tobii as we know that we have a number of customers in common, especially in Europe. However, our attempts to contact their North American office did not go very far. We’ll try again once support for the other eye trackers is implemented first.


Does SuperLab have a SDK which we can use to provide eyetracker control for ourselves

Hi ,

This is consoling to a certain degree but it doesn’t solve our problem .

Does Superlab support scripts, so that we can we can provide the connection to the eyetracker ourselves. I think there was something of this kind in previous versions (if I am not confusing it with E-Prime) but I can’t find anything about a SDK when version 4 is concerned.


No sorry, no SDK available.