I have a question about SuperLab. I am using it to create an experiment which will require participants to carry it out online. I am using the Demo Version (valid for 30 days) [although it’s so good I would definitely consider purchasing it!]

When I’ve made and saved the experiment, can I send it as a file to other people for them to open and use? Do they need SuperLab installed on their computer in order to open the file?

I know it will no longer work after 30 days, but I’m asking about right now. Can I send my experiment to other people for them to open and use??

Also, if I don’t have the Cedrus Data Viewer then is that OK? Will I still get saved results which I can view?

The demo version of SuperLab does not allow for data collection. You would need to purchase a full version of SuperLab to collect any data. Regarding “carrying it out online” this is not currently possible. You can send the experiment to someone who has the full version or Run-time version of SuperLab. If you would like more information please contact me via private message.