experiment freezing


I was running a participant this morning and the experiment froze and then presented a screen about a debug report. All data was lost. I ran the group again later and the same thing happened. I checked everything in the experiment, it is the same as another similar group that runs fine. Is there a way from preventing this from happening again?


So, this experiment works fine when you run with one group selected but not when you have a different group selected? That’s very odd.

Are you running on more than one computer? Are these computers running the same version of SuperLab? Are you sure that the change in group is the only thing different? That is, if you run a different group on the same computer, does it successfully complete?

Its all running on the same computer. The point i the experiment where it freezes is the same for both groups. When I select the blocks in which it fails and run them on their own it runs fine. However, I have tried it again this morning and it is running fine again now.
I’m running version 4.0.3 on windows xp