Error 2: No such file or directory

SL unpredictably warns “can’t open file ‘name-of-file’ (error 2: no such file or directory)” followed by loss of experimental data.

I ran our experiment with myself as a subject this morning and it saved my data. Not two hours later, on the same machine with no changes to anything, SL gave this warning at the end of the experiment and the data was lost.

This has been happening for two weeks on and off. We have been trying to get this experiment to work for four months. It is a simple experiment. I have used Superlab for 20 years. The first and subsequent versions of Superlab were far easier to program and never had problems like the ones I have encountered with this most recent version.

Thank you for any help.

Hi Jean, are you getting this error message with the same file? This is a bit odd, I haven’t seen this error message before.

I had the same problem.

I don’t know how many different ways one can get this error message, but I figured out that when you use a slash, /, in the name you give to the file prior to running the experiment, it gives you that error message when the experiment is complete. Basically, its similar to the “cannot use this file name because it contains an illegal character” you’ll often see in Microsoft Excel, but unfortunately SL does not give you that warning till after you have run the experiment.

Hope that helps.


Jeannie, Jesse: I was able to duplicate this bug on my end. It is a Mac-only bug. One of our developers is on it and we think it can be fixed by the end of this week. So sorry.

Dear Jeannie and Jesse,

Thank you for bringing this data saving bug to our attention. It was given a high priority and a fix was incorporated in the just released SuperLab 4.5. Now, if the file name is invalid, SuperLab will check before running an experiment, not after.

We incorporated an additional check as well. Say you decide to save the data onto a USB flash drive. But halfway through the experiment, the flash drive is pulled from the computer or becomes full. SuperLab will inform you and then save a copy of your data file to your computer’s desktop.

Best regards,