double key press help!

I’m a relative newbie to superlab, and i’m putting together an experiment for a student. I have added feedback into a stimulus list, but for some reason on some of the blocks, when running the experiment it seems to require the participant to press the desired key twice. in other blocks it’s fine.

I’m going a bit mad looking into all the details and can’t find anything obvious that i’ve done differently/missed.
Anyone got any ideas.

I can send the file if that helps?

Many thanks!

Can you post your Experiment as an Experiment Package? You can find this under the File menu within SuperLab.

fingers crossed it’s attached!
thanks for the help (7.45 KB)

If you could look at the block “Practice - Test Phase”. In this block you have programmed it to require two key-presses. Your event has a Feedback to make “Recognition - Yes/NO” appear, however this same event is already linked to the same trial. I would try taking out this Feedback, then this block should behave like the rest of the experiment.