Disappearing events and freezing

If I delete a section of events the event window in now blank. The non-deleted events are still in the experiment but I can’t see or edit them. Minimizing and maximizing the windows does not help. I need to close the experiment and start it up again. Please fix this bug and/or add a refresh button.

Another bug I have found is that sometimes superlab will freeze on the first event and does not advance when a response is made (for no reason). It is obviously a bug because closing and then opening the experiment usually gets it going again without any changes to the experiment itself.

On a more general note, there are MANY bugs in superlab 4 and it is very frustrating to work with :mad:

Didn’t anyone test this software before it was released?

Which version of SuperLab 4 are you running? Are you running on Mac OS X or Windows? 4.0.5 is the latest.