delay between trials

I’ve created a modified Stroop task using SuperLab4 which has 4 blocks (instructions, food condition, neutral condition, end instructions). The food and neutral condition blocks each have 16 trials. Within each trial are 14 events (7 words and a response stimulus interval consisting of a blank screen for 32ms between each word). However, when I run the task the blank screen (RSI) at the end of each trial lasts longer than 32ms even though it is set to move on after 32ms. This happens at the end of each trial (i.e. every 7 words). So I created a second version of the experiment which consists of only 5 trials (instructions, practice trials, food trials, neutral trials, end instructions) with all the words (and RSI between each word) from each condition in one trial in order to stop this happening every 7 words. However, the last event in each trial still gets stuck for about 2 seconds (?) after I have responded before moving onto the first event in the next trial (even though it is set to move on immediately after any response from the participant). It is only the last event in each trial that gets stuck. Is there anything I can do to stop this happening as I am concerned this is going to affect participant response.
Thanks for any help

By default, SuperLab does not erase the screen at the end of a trial. You need to either add an extra event (e.g. a simple Text event, but with the text field empty) to erase the screen, or set the event to Erase screen or Erase stimulus after it’s done. To find these options, in the Event Editor’s Stimulus tab click on the Settings button. A dialog appears; click on the Presentation Options tab.