datafile - writing stim

Hi, is there a way to write the stimuli to the datafile for each trial? For example if I have a premask, prime, postmask, and target, can I include in the datafile what these items were for each trial.

:slight_smile: Thank You.

Yes, but to do this, you must enable the “Record and save response” checkbox for each of these events in the Input tab of the event editor. They will then each show up as a separate line in the data file, but the information will be there.

There is an additional caveat that in order for this to work, the event can’t end immediately. If you need an event to end immediately but still show up in the file, give it a time limit of 1ms, and it will show up.

Lastly, response times are measured relative to the first event in the trial that saves a response, unless the RT timer is later reset, so make sure that you click the checkbox to reset the RT timer for the intended event.

Thank you for all the details, I appreciate it. :slight_smile: