Data Viewer Standard Deviation

When obtaining summary stats, e.g, reaction time, I can easily view the Mean over the corrected trials. However, I do not know how to view the standard deviation over these trials. Is it possible to do this? or would I have to export the reaction time data by trial to compute in another package, e.g., Excel or SPSS. I did see that I could set thresholds for screening reaction times using a standard deviation, but I believe I would have to already know it in order input the information to use this feature.
Thank you! Kathy

Data Viewer shows the standard deviation for whichever data files are selected, whether it’s a single file or many.

For the benefit of other forum visitors, you can see the standard deviation for the selected file(s) by clicking on the Rows menu and choosing Flag Special…. You then get this dialog:

Alas, you are correct: Data Viewer cannot display the standard deviation over a specific range of trials within a file.