data output

My data output file isn’t showing reaction times. In the column for reaction times I am seeing “y” or “n.” These are the buttons I’m having subjects input their responses with. Any ideas as to why this is happening?


Perhaps you are viewing the data using a word processor or text editor? This causes columns to shift because they are separated by tabs. In the past, we’ve always recommended that data be viewed using a spreadsheet program like Excel or a stat package. Now, of course, you can also use our own Cedrus Data Viewer that was released a couple of weeks ago.

FWIW, the reaction time is always saved. There are options to disable the saving of some columns, but the reaction time column cannot be turned off – it is always saved.



I’m having trouble downloading the data viewer. Once downloaded, I get a folder but no application. Is this common?

Are you running on a Mac or Windows? What version?

I’m using Mac 10.3.9. Thanks.