Data Files

I know that it must be possible to do what I want to, but I just cannot find the right dialog box.

I will have multiple participants complete the same experiment. I want the data for each participant to be stored in the same data file. I need the file to be imported into SPSS. Each participant will enter an id number into the superlab program. this number needs to be assigned to their data. I will use this number to connect the data to paper surveys that will be coded at a later date.


Re: Data Files

There is no way at present to have all the data saved into the same file. While working on version 4.0, we looked at the option of appending data to an existing file, but this had too many perils, e.g. what if power was lost (might lose data not only for current participant, but also previous ones), or what if the user changed which columns should be saved, etc.

In the next few months, a merging utility will become available that can take existing data files and merge them into a single output file – leaving the originals untouched. This utility will be free to all SuperLab users and will run on both Macs and PCs.

merging utility

is the merging utility available yet?


No sorry. It probably won’t be before Summer.

macro editor

When I collect data, I simply open the output files in Excel, and write a macro that will cut out all the lines I don’t need, do some simple calculations, and give me a new output file (named something else–which leaves my original file untouched). Not perfect, but workable…

Data Viewer Now Available

The new Cedrus Data Viewer is now available. I’d appreciate feedback and comments,