cueing hierarchies


I am having a difficult time with trying to use cueing hierarchies.
I would like to present a picture and if the patient is not able to name it/type in the right name, he should be able to use different cues.

I will give an example:

  1. Patient sees the picture of an ape
  2. He is not able to type in the name of the picture or he gives an incorrect name
  3. Now, different cues must appear one after another:
    a) The initial letter of the word (a for ape)
    after this
    b) the topic of the word (animal)
    then he should see a helping sentence
    c) It is an animal which likes to eat bananas
    and further on.
  4. The cues must stop and the feedback “this answer was correct” must be shown as soon as the patient was able to find the right answer.

How can I program this feature?

Thanking you in anticipation.

You could accomplish this by using Feedback. Include all the events you want to be displayed to the participant before they respond in one trial. Then, if they answer correctly, use feedback to skip the remaining events in the trial.

Hello MonikaT,

thank you for answering.
I’m sorry to say that I failed to program the cueing hierarchies. I would be very thankful, if you were able to help me again and explain the different steps a little bit more in detail.

  1. I have a stimlus list with about 40 pictures. How can I program that each picture gets a different feedback.
  2. Furthermore, the pictures need to stay while the cues (explained above) are shown.
  3. The cues must be shown one after another, dependant on the participants knowledge.
    e.g. The participant sees the ape but doesn’t know the name. He needs the first cue. Than the initital letter “a” must be shown while the picture is staying on the screen. He still doesn’t know the correct answer. The next cue must be shown --> " An animal" and so on until he is able to fill in the correct name. Than the feedback “that was correct…” must appear.

Sorry, for asking you again, but I really need this feature and I’m pressed for time.
Thank you in anticipation - again.


The diagrams shows how this will be set up within SuperLab. In the Feedback tab, it needs to state If Correct, Skip the remaining events in the trial.

Thank you very much. I was able to program it.