Correct response with random location?


I wonder if someone can help?

I have set up an experiment that uses trial variables to randomise the side of presentation of 2 images (ie one is randomly assigned to the left hand side of the screen and the other to the right). One of these images is correct and the other is incorrect. Participants have to identify the correct one and indicate their choice by pressing one of 2 buttons, one corresponding to the left hand image and one to the right. Obviously, whether or not a response is correct depends upon which side the correct image is presented. Is it possible to use the trial variable and response information to make Superlab save a variable indicating whether or not a response is correct?


Unfortunately, the only way to make this work automatically would be by using the mouse to click the image on the screen.

SuperLab currently can’t specify correct responses based on trial variables.

OK. Thanks for the reply anyway. I think there should be a relatively simple way to do this in Excel afterwards.