Connecting to psycho-phsiology equipment


I want to connect a Superlab experiment with the ADInstruments Powerlab equipment.

I want Superlab to communicate with the Powerlab software (called Chart), in order to give a marker each time a stimuli is presented.

How would I go about doing this?

Would I need to connect an I/O card to the Powerlab physiology hardware, or can I tell Superlab to communicate with the Chart software?

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Rick,

We typically recommend purchasing an I/O card and using its output to connect to EEG equipment. You’ll need a custom cable. You’d create an event in SuperLab and set its type to Digital Output.

However, this Fall we’ll be introducing a new product called StimTracker that will come with an interface to one of four different vendors, including ADInstruments. We have successfully tested StimTracker with PowerLab at their office in Sydney. I don’t have a firm date for StimTracker’s release.



Thanks for the information Hisham. Would you have an idea as to cost for StimTracker?

Hi Rick,

We anticipate it would sell for $799. The price includes two photocells and 1 manufacturer-specific interface.