Connecting 2 computers using two PCI-DIO24 I/O cards

I want to have two (2) SuperLab 4.0 programs, each running in a different computer communicate via a Measurement Computing PCI-DIO24 I/O card in each computer. One computer is a Slave Computer (SC) that is controlled by events in the Controlling Computer (CC). The program in the CC outputs a TTL event to trigger an event in the SC. The SC is looking for a digital input to proceed to the next event.

 However, when I look at SuperLab, the only option that shows is to output a digital output on Port B of the PCI-DIO24 card and to input a digital input on Port A. Ports A and B use separate pins on the connector, so I can’t buy a standard cable to connect the two PCI-DIO24 cards. Is there any way that I can get SuperLab to read input from Port B or to send output via Port A? I would like the CC and the SC to use the same Port. The I/O board in the CC would be set for output, and the I/O board in the SC would be set for input. Then the outputs and inputs would use the same pins on the pinout.

A custom cable would be needed for this. However, an easier way is to use the Serial Output feature on the CC. Then, on the SC side, tell SuperLab that it has an RB series earlier model Pad. The link below will direct you to a page explaining how to simulate a button press on the CC.

Another important detail is to use a null modem cable, which is available at most electronics stores.