Coding Stimulus Lists. IMPORTANT!!


I’m setting up an experiment where a picture with a color patch is presented to the participant. What matters the most is reaction time in identifying the color patch, however, I’m also interested in seeing whether they chose the correct color. How do I program Red, Green, or Blue (R,G,B) as responses that, even though they are correct, will not move on to the next trial before the time limit is up. It looks like I can only program one single strike response for each event.

On the results print out I would like to be able to see the number of correctly or incorrectly identified colors as well as the reaction time, the participant need not recieve feedback on whether they were right or wrong at the time of the experiment. Do I have to code each image in the stimulus list and pair that with a response? If so how do I do this? Otherwise I would have to look at every response and go back into the program to determine whether or not it was correct. I don’t understand the significance of codes, but this is where it might come in handy?



If you always want a time limit to be honored regardless of whether the response is correct or not, in the Event Editor’s Input tab make sure that the option Only after a time limit is the only one that is turned on. SuperLab will record all the responses until the correct one is pressed, and then it will simply wait until the time limit ends.

You can determine the correct response in one of two ways:

In the Code Values tab of the Stimulus List Editor, you can link each list item to a code value. Then, in the Event Editor’s Correct Response tab, turn on the checkbox Use code values to determine the correct response and set the correct responses based on the code values.

Or, you can skip code values altogether and set the correct responses for each stimulus list item. This is also done in the Event Editor’s Correct Response tab.