Code value from event A marked on event B in output

Hello, I have an experiment where in each trial, there are presentation and then judgment events. I would like to have a single line in the output which lists both the specific items presented during the presentation phase, and the subject’s response in the judgment phase. I suspect this will involve code values and macros, but I am having difficulty implementing… Can anyone help?

thank you!!

The output file will record the items presented and the subject’s response. Have “Record and save response” checked under the Input tab in the Event Editor.

Regarding if your experiment needs codes and macros, we would need to know more about your experiment to determine if they are needed.

re: Code value from event A marked on event B

Hi MonikaT,

thanks for the fast reply. However, the problem for me is NOT that I can’t get the stimulus info into the output file, but rather, that the LOCATION of the stimulus info is on a different line than the subject’s judgment. To analyse, this will then require all sorts of sorting and shenanigans. I am hoping to find the way to include the stimulus (presentation) file specifics (as they are chosen from a list) in the SAME LINE of the output as the judgement “event.”

The problem is that the “Location of the Stimulus” is being presented in it’s own event, therefore the “subject’s judgment” event does now know which stimulus item was presented before. One way to make this work is to have the “subject’s judgment” event use the same stimulus list, but display the stimulus off the screen so the participant won’t see it. Please see the sample experiment posted.

DisplayStim.OffScreen.sl4 (5.33 KB)

Dear Monika,

Thank you, but that script/idea won’t work, because my script generates the stimulus in the following way: Picture A1 (from Pair A) shown on the (randomly selected either right or left) side i; then in next event, Picture A2 shown on the other side. If I just repeat that event(s), I won’t get the correct side - it will be random. This is why I think I need a code to input the side of the picture, and (to be convenient) the specific pair, marking that information on the “judgment” event output line.


Please post your experiment as an Experiment Package. This can be found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Thanks, Monika- - the file is attached as a zip archive.
–IME (19.4 MB)

I think the best thing for you to do is collect the responses in your “NegativePic” event and delete the “JUDGEpicturename” event. Make sure to copy all the settings that you have under the Input tab and Correct Responses for “JUDGEpicturename” into “NegativePic”. This way SuperLab will be able to tell if the picture was displayed on the left or right side.