code in data files

Hi, I have collected some data and found that in the data file there is a column “code”. From previous versions of superlab , I understand this tells you whether subjects made a correct response or a wrong one. In my experiment, I didn’t really use this column to determine the correctness of subjects’ responses.

However, I found an interesting phenomenon. The “code” column had three values: “C”, “SC” and “E”. While when an “E” was present, actually there was an error occurring (I guess it’s because the subjects pressed an invalid button) . And I find that all these trials should be discarded. Sometimes “SC” appeared after “E” and sometimes “SC” appeared alone. And I find that these trials should be preserved. But I cannot figure out offcially what “E” and “SC” mean, and why in my experiment, “E” seems correlated with mechanical error instead of response errors?


E should always be response errors, and SC should never show up without being preceded by an E. There was a bug about this that was fixed in 4.0.3 (I believe that’s the version). These letters are the “response code,” so they only refer to responses. E is an error, and SC is self correct. These letters can be changed if you so desire in the experiment options menu.