chinese character

I was able to cut and paste Chinese characters from an online translation web page to the Event Editor. However, when I tried to run the test, only squares are showing.
I thought that this version can handle Chinese characters. What’s wrong? Thanks

Can you please post your experiment so I can take a look at the issue?

Experiment with Chinese characters

The block paradigm is a simple covert verb generation with rest and activation.
The characters pasted for activations are like these:

“+” “+” “+” “+” 狗熊 雨 朋友 桌子 “+” “+” “+” “+” 贼 布 瓶子 刀 子 “+” “+” “+”

Thanks Again

The SuperLab text event does not support “rich text.” However, the Mac will change the font of characters if your currently selected font does not support them. When running an experiment, SuperLab does not do this. You’ll need to select a font that supports all of the provided characters.

One way to do this is to paste the text into Text and open the font panel (Format->Fonts->Show Fonts). Select the character in question, and it will show you the font.

It appears the font “STHeiti” is able to display all the characters you’ve provided.