Changing Block Order

Hi Everyone,

I’m really stuck on this one! I know that you can’t randomise blocks in Superlab - no problem I thought, I’ll just move the blocks around so that I can create 10 different versions of my experiment with the blocks presented in a different order. But…after I’d created the first five versions (saving each one and then ‘saving as’ to produce the next one) I had to stop. Next time I logged on and tried to open the new versions, all the imported files (audio and visual) had disappeared and I had to re-import every single one to make the experiments work again. This was the same for each of the five versions I’d created. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong? Why did the files disappear? Also, having re-imported all the files I ran the experiments through but found that in some of them, one random block was being skipped over - everything was linked correctly, all the instructions were right, it was as if the random block didn’t exist! Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong? Can I simply move the blocks around, or does this mess up the formatting and if so - how do I created different versions of the same experiment with the blocks in a different order.

I have 13 blocks altogether - 1 instruction block followed by 12 experimental blocks, each containing a different scenario. Each block consists of 1 trial which consists of 6 events - 1 audio file followed by 1 picture file, followed by another picture file, followed by another audio file, then two text files. The original version that I created first works beautifully - help, what am I doing wrong?

A hopeful Beany

I’ll contact you via private message regarding this.