Cedrus RB-830 Response Pad - Can you use with Win7 64bit if you use Windows XP mode


The problem I am having is we are now running all of our pc’s on Windows 7 64 bit, after reading the information on your website about installing the drivers for the response pads you have said they only work in windows 7 on 32 bit (we have response pads from before July 2011). Is it possible to use them in windows XP mode on windows 7 (see link for info:- http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/install-and-use-windows-xp-mode-in-windows-7). Or is it the case that we will have to buy new response pads?

Hardeep Adams

Windows XP is needed only to reconfigure the response pads, as described on this page. Once reconfigured, the response pads will work Windows 7, 32- or 64-bit without a problem.