Can't Open Events

Hi. I was working on a simple experiment measuring RT and accuracy for responses to a series of word pairs. At some point, I was no longer able to open and edit events. The “Events” window will not highlight in orange (“Blocks” and “Trials” are fine) and when I double-click on an event the corresponding trial opens.

I’m running Superlab 4.0.1 on Mac OS 10.3.9

SuperLab version 4.0.2 was just released a few minutes ago and fixes this issue.

FWIW, we were aware of this issue on the Mac before the final version 4.0 was released in July but we were never able to duplicate it in-house or know why it was happening. Finally, thanks to a user at UC Davis, we found why. It turns out that the bug happened only when, in the Keyboard & Mouse control panel (the Keyboard Shortcuts tab), the Full keyboard access option was set to “All controls” instead of the default “Text boxes and lists only”.

Sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.