Can lists be used for correct responses

We are developing a math task with many (>100) simple math calculations (e.g., 23+54). We would have the calculations in a stimulus list. Participants will type in response in the test box (text parameter).

Our challenge is how to simplify the evaluation of responses, since almost every calculation has a unique response which is quite cumbersome to implement via “participant input”.

Is it possible, for example, to link a list of stimuli (the calculations) with a list of responses? Or do you have any other suggestions for how we might do this so that the response is evaluated and coded as correct or incorrect in the output file?


You will have to manually enter the responses.

Thank you for posting.

A small clarification: the responses do have to be entered manually as Arman said. But once created, you can tell SuperLab which stimulus list item corresponds to which response. That’s done in the Event Editor’s Correct Response tab.