Bugs List

I don’t know about the rest of you, but a bug list seems to be a good starting place for people to consolidate any issues, large or small, to the developers, to make the product as polished as possible. This is my bug:

When I open a classic experiment (which is in SuperLab 4 format) in SuperLab 4.5, it will prompt about nonbackwards compatibility of updating the format. But if you don’t click ok within 5 seconds, an SuperLab Error shows up with the following message - “DDE execute request failed: a request for a synchronous execute transaction has timed out”. Not a big deal, but just kind of annoying.

Let the bug reporting begin! :smiley:

Also, not a bug, but .DS_Store (uniquely Macs’) files are left within the Windows zipped packages for the classical experiments.

update to original post

The error only happens when SuperLab is already open when you try to open the experiment by double-clicking the .sl4 file externally (as opposed to opening within SuperLab). But if you do open .sl4 file externally to also start up SuperLab, it’s annoying to have the popup dialog box show up behind the boot screen, and you have to drag it out from down under to click ok the continue.

Hi summraznboi!

I like your thinking. :slight_smile: The forum certainly can be used for reporting problems with SuperLab as well as sharing tricks or asking for tips on structuring an experiment.

I am a SuperLab developer, and I assure you that we do watch the forums very closely to learn about new bugs that might need fixing.

Therefore, it isn’t necessary to keep one centralized forum thread dedicated to bugs of all shapes and sizes. My preference would be to keep one forum thread per specific topic.

No matter what thread you choose to post in – we developers will always have a look!

The problem that you mentioned (about double-clicking and then seeing a “DDE … timed out” message) is a known issue.

As annoying as the message is, the message is actually accurate in the situation that you describe. When you double-click a file in Windows file explorer, a “DDE request” (this is Windows API terminology)** is sent to any already-running instance of SuperLab to tell SuperLab that someone wants to view a file associated with the SuperLab application.

(**dynamic data exchange)

In your case, since this is a special case where SuperLab needed to warn about upgrading from 4.0 to 4.5, SuperLab is quite literally being delayed from honoring/answering the DDE request, and so (apparently) it is timed out. Hence the error: DDE execute request … has timed out

I do apologize for this troublesome pop-up.

Once your files are converted (re-saved) by the 4.5 version, then I think you will no longer experience this problem.

By the way… in the next release (later this year), there will no longer be an issue of errors and messages getting hidden by the “splash screen” (or ‘SuperLab boot screen’ as you called it). In the future these will appear in front of our splash screen.