bug problems

Hi there,

I have been programming a new experiment in superlab 4.0.6 and 4.0.7 on PC and for some reason the program shuts down after 1 trial…can anyone help how to solve this? It was all running fine yesterday and now it stopped working and gives a bug report…

I just got your crash report, and I have a theory, but I’m running it by Hisham.

Hi Hank,

Sorry for posting the report on the wron thread. Did you have any update from Hisham yet? Would re-installing superlab solve the problem? and if I do would I need a new licence?

Thanks a million


My guess from the crash report emailed to us is that you have a non-visual event (e.g. Audio, ISI) using mouse input with automatic stimulus positions. I don’t know whether or not SuperLab goes through the effort of explicitly denying this. If it doesn’t, then it would certainly crash at the point you’re seeing.

Does this sound like your setup?

Hi Hank,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly:
yes that sounds like my set up: this is what I would like to happen:
event 1: children listen to a sound file
after this sound file superlab moves on automatically on to presenting three pictures at the same time. The idea is that one is correct and two of the pictures are incorrect. The child than selects one of the pictures either by mouse or touch screen.
At the moment I have programmed the three pictures as seperate events (holding them invisible) so that superlab could automatically detect which one was selected.
Does that sound right or would you advice me to do this any other way?



You should be able to do that. My assumption, though, is that your Audio event has one of these automatic responses set as its correct answer. If this is not the case, then there is something else going on, but if it is, you should be able to avoid the crash simply by removing this correct response from your Audio event.

Hi Hank,

I will have a look at it tonight and will come back to you tomorrow!

Again many thanks


Hi Hank,

It didn’t work so I have started to program it again and now superlab works again.

However I am having a programming problem:
I would like to present a sound file (first event) while there are three different pictures on the screen (I have programmed this as three different events). I would like superlab to move on after any of the three pictures have been selected…problem is this not seem to work (and I would like superlab to automatically indicate in the file whether a correct, incorrect or distractor picture was chosen).

Could you give any help with how to program this as I am stuck…



First, you’ll need to create your three mouse input responses. You’ll probably want to title them “correct,” “incorrect,” and “distractor.” When you present your three pictures, each will need to be designated with one (and only one) correct response. Also, the last image to be presented must be the one that is the correct answer (otherwise, your error code won’t match whether the answer was logically correct). Furthermore, each of the other two pictures need to look for a response for the automatic stim position to be registered. The way to do this is to tell the events to only look for a response for 1ms.

Next, you need to enable the Mouse option to “Ignore a mouse click unless it falls inside an area defined as a response.”

Finally, you need to configure the audio event. Technically, this event could be anywhere in your trial, but you specified that you want it first. You’ll want to to tell this event not to wait for the audio to finish playing, and you want it to stop audio when the trial ends. This event shouldn’t look for a response.

I hope that helps!

Hi hank,

I have tried your solution but it doesn’t seem to work. Here is what I have so far (for two pictures at the moment…in the next phase of the experiment there will be three)

Event 1: sound file, box to finish is not ticked, input: immediately after stimulus is presented, and ticked: participant must not respond.

event 2: picture 1, settings: erase screen, keep stimulus invisble ticked, for input:immediately after presented is ticked, for reponse: code value incorrect, the answer is incorrect.

for ecvent 3: picture 2, settings: erase screen and keep stimulus invisible are turned off, for input: after any reponse from the participant, code value correct, the answer is correct.

But this doesn’t seem to work…what am I doing wrong?


Hi Hank,

a further problem is that at the moment it runs but when I press the wrong picture the program stops running. How can I program it so that whatever picture the child choses the program goes on (but in the outfile superlab let’s me know that the child had chosen the incorrect picture)?

Many thanks