Block Numbers

I’m running an experiment where I have 6 blocks, each preceded by an ‘Instructions’ block:

Instructions 1
Block 1
Instructions 2
Block 2…

Instructions 6
Block 6

When the Data file comes out the block numbers read in multiples of two (since the instruction blocks are being counted). Is there any way I can eliminate the instruction blocks from the block numbers?

No, the block number in the data file is always the order in which it appears in the list in the main window.

There is a way around this though. First, order the blocks in the main SuperLab window so that it matches the order number that you want to see in the data file. Then, click on the Experiment menu and select Participant Groups. You can then either edit the default “Main Group” or you can create a new one, and change the order in which the blocks are presented:

Finally, if you do create a new one, make sure that you select that group when you go to run the experiment.


That works perfectly! Thank you very much.