audio file problem

In my experiment i am presenting a series of visual and auditory letters (each are paired events presented at the same time within a single letter trial and then these trials make up multi letter blocks). Each visual file is the last file and is set to end after 220 and each audio file is 200ms in length.
My problem is this: when I run this experiment the sound starts speeding up until it is constant jittering and i have to exit the experiment.
I am running the latest superlab version on a pc with windows xp.

any help would be much appreciated!


Without seeing the experiment for myself, it’s difficult to say what’s going on. I’ve never seen this behavior, and I haven’t heard of anyone else running into it either.

There is the possibility that you could have issues if you’re running on a single-core non-hyperthreaded processor. Audio processing is handled in a separate thread. This could cause issues on any PC that doesn’t at least pretend to have two processors. Try running the experiment on a newer PC. If that doesn’t make a difference, then it’s probably something else. If you don’t have another machine available, you can e-mail the experiment to me, and I’ll take a look.