Assigning font colours to items in a text list

I have one text stimulus list, consisting of two kinds of words (e.g., fruits, vehicles). In a choice reaction time task, I want one kind of word to be presented in one colour (e.g., fruits in green) and the other kind to be presented in another colour (e.g., vehicles in blue). How can this be achieved? Thanks.

Hi Jonathan,

The easiest way to set this up is to use two stimulus lists. One for the fruits, and one for the vehicles. Then you can designate a color to each list and link them both to your trial.

If it is not possible, and you only can use one stimulus list, there is another option. However, it will not allow you to randomize. You can use the “Trial Variable” option under the the “Experiment” tab. Then choose “Font Color”, here you would add green and blue. If you use this option make sure the words are paired correctly, or else the colors and words can be easily mismatched.