A File Chosen From List

I have a number of events for several trials within a block. For each event, I am looking to randomise the file displayed.

I have 3 different categories (congruent, response incongruent and stimulus incongruent) and 4 files within each category which I want displayed randomly within the trial. I have come across randomising blocks, trials and event, however cannot seem to find a solution to randomise the files within an event as each category is repeated several times within each trial.

So I am wondering if Superlab can randomise files within each event.


I am having a hard time visualizing this. Can you post your experiment as an Experiment Package? This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Hi Monika,

I have uploaded the experiement package. This is a simple version of the entire presentation.

There are 4 congruent options (BBB, RRR, YYY, GGG), 4 Stimulus incongruent (GBG, BGB, YRY, RYR) and 8 Response incongruent trials (YBY, RBR, YGY, RGR, BYB, GYG, BRB, GRG)

I want to randomise the picture image within each event, so that way I can have the event labeled “congruent” and the program would select one of the 4 files at random.

Forum Post.zip (60.2 KB)

Do you want one picture chosen at random from “concurrent”, then one picture chosen at random from “stimulus incongruent” and then “response incongruent”? I apologize but I feel like I am missing some information.

Yeh that’s what I’m looking for. I want one picture at random from the congruent group of files. Then in the next event, one picture at random from the stimulus incongruent group and so on. Hopefully this explains it more clearly

Sorry if this sounds confusing!!

Thank you for the clarification. We have a sample experiment on how this is done, which can be found from the thread link below.