2 different responses leading to different events

Hi, I’m having some trouble with superlab.
The experiment that I am working on has a test event with 2 answers. What I am trying to do is have one answer continue through to the next events, and one answer skip the next two events. So it’s kind of like answer yes or no, if yes where have you seen this before. It’s making the if yes portion that is stumping me. I’ve looked at macros and codes and values but I can’t figure it out. Can anyone help me?

When you say that you want SuperLab to continue with the next events, how many more events are there in the trial? And do they differ from one trial to the other?

The reason I ask is because one way to setup the feedback mechanism is this: if the response is one way, have SuperLab continue through the remaining events. If the response is another way, then have SuperLab present specific events by using a feedback action (in the Event Editor’s Feedback tab).

I hope this helps.

I think I have a very similar problem.

My problem is: Superlab should respond to two keys (yes or no). Further problem: all other keys should be inactive.

Each response should lead to different actions:
if yes: present the remaining events in the trial
if no: skip remaining events and present next trial

This condition is only possible (as far as I know), if I define two different responses:
Response is correct (yes): present the remaining events in the trial
Response is not correct (no): skip remaining events and present next trial

This works, but only if I tell superlab to respond “after any response from the participant” (event editor -> input). But this means, that any other key on the keyboard will be identified as “no” answer.

My problem: How can I define two “correct responses”, which lead to two different actions, while keeping all other keys inactive?

Currently, this functionality is only provided with mouse input.

You can work around this by taking advantage of key presses and key releases. The first event will look only for correct responses, and the two responses for this are the two key presses. The next event (which has no stimulus) specifies which key release is correct and which is incorrect. You can then perform different actions based on this event.

It’s a workaround, but it is an option.