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Prevent too many TRUE or FALSE answers in a row?

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  • Prevent too many TRUE or FALSE answers in a row?

    We have a pool of 50 questions that have a TRUE or FALSE answer. We are displaying these questions in a random order. Is there a way to prevent more than four TRUE or FALSE questions in a row? We want to limit the number of questions that have a TRUE answer to no more than four in a row.

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    Try using tag sets, counter parameters, and When to Present options:

    - place those 50 questions into a stimulus list

    - present them randomly

    - tag the stimulus list items as TRUE or FALSE

    - set trial rules to increment a counter if a TRUE item is presented

    - in the When to Present tab, only present the trial when the counter is less than 4


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      I'm not sure how to use stimulus lists as we are 'recycling' items between questions and each question is constructed using four different events. Each question displays a focus point, then an image, then a blank screen, then a second image, and then waits for user input. I couldn't figure out how to use stimulus lists in this way,


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        When using stimulus lists, the events are 'recycled' by default. Just link your image events to the proper stimulus lists and SuperLab will do the rest. Take a look at the experiment I've attached for a similar example. It is composed of four events:

        Focus Point -> Text 1 -> Blank Screen -> Text 2.

        The Text 1 and Text 2 events are linked to stimulus lists. At the end of a trial, the sequence is repeated except the Text 1 and Text 2 stimuli are different.
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          Thanks! That made it much easier to understand linking stimulus lists. Now, I'm trying to figure out the limiting of consecutive TRUE and FALSE answers.... I'll be back if I can't figure it out. :-)