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Generate Sounds w/ Button Press in Superlab

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  • Generate Sounds w/ Button Press in Superlab

    I am designing an experiment in which participants must press buttons to trigger sounds. Ideally, I would like a 20-50ms window between the button press and the sound to better give the illusion of auditory feedback. Is this possible in Superlab?

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    Brainasium 300

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    Attached is a small example of such an experiment.

    There are two necessities for this design:

    1. A block that loops until its associated trial stops being presented.

    2. Feedback actions that present inter-stimulus interval and audio events, like so:

    Following this example, as long as all buttons are designated as correct responses, there will always be an interval between pressing and sound.
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      In rereading your post, I've realized that the looping component of my solution may be irrelevant.

      Also, I'm not sure if you require a random time interval between 20 - 50ms to be used or rather just one that is fixed.

      Perhaps you can clarify these details or post an experiment that more specifically demonstrates your desired design.