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parallel and serial port support in OSX

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  • parallel and serial port support in OSX

    Dear Cedrus,

    Does superlab 5 for OS X supports native parallels and serial port I/O or, still support only the hardwares in the List?

    Due to delay and unstableness of USB-DAQ,
    I'm wondering about connect PCIe card supporting parallel and serial signals like

    via Thunderbolt PCIe extensions like this.

    In my knowledge, thunderbolt is less-cpu dependent and might be more accurate in I/O timing.

    I want to know if there some work around for using general parallel or serial devices.

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    The parallel port is not supported. However, the serial port is supported for output in the Event Editor and there is support for input, though not as a general purpose input. For example, Lumina MRI Pads, PST Serial Response Box, SV-1, and RB Series Earlier Model Pads are all serial port devices.