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    I have a quicktime movie that has 4 frames. I have the movie looping when I play it in quicktime so that it will repeat continuously, but currently in superlab, it will only show the 4 frames and then stop. Is there a way to get superlab to loop the movie until the participant responds?
    Thank you.

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    SuperLab currently cannot loop a movie until a participant responds.
    You could try creating a very long movie from those 4 frames and using that instead.



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      Loop a movie in SUperlab 4.5?

      Hello again,

      Is it possible in Superlab 4.5 to play a movie on a loop until there is a response from the participant? (I don't know what version the original post was referring to)



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        There is no feature in SuperLab to automatically loop as you would in a media player.

        However, you can always use the feedback feature to repeat the trial if the response is not what you wanted. There will be a screen flicker due to the trial being repeated, but the approach should work otherwise.

        SuperLab 5 would use the same idea overall, but this would be much easier done in version 5. For movie settings, make sure to have the movie end with the trial.


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          Thanks Hisham.

          Am i correct that there is no way to repeat an event if there is no response from the participant?

          I have actually achieved nearly what I need by just creating a looped movie file and using that as the event. However, because I need it to play once fully before any response is accepted (and then look for input) I have had to set this up as two events (i.e. the first plays to the end then goes onto the next event, and the second plays only until there is a response). Is there any way to avoid/minimise the transition between the two events so that there isn't the visible blank screen between the first and second movie events?



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            Correct: it is not possible to repeat an event due to feedback -- only a trial.