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  • Adjusting the fonts...

    Hi there,
    I am on the SuperLab Pro 4 version 4.0.8. I haven't used the program for a very long time that I have even lost the license key and have forgotten about which emailed I registered with.

    Lately, I need to use it again. However, I just discovered that it was impossible for me to adjust the fonts. Whenever I tried to adjust the font of the stimuli in the event, the box pops up with the close-window-button deactivated! I simply cannot proceed with writing my experiment but give up the whole thing and force quit it.

    I am just wondering if anyone had the same problem and how did you overcome that please? Fyi, I am running it on a mac, not sure if that complicates the codes...


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    SuperLab 4.0.8 was released in 2008 – seven years ago. A lot has been fixed, updated, and added to SuperLab since. The disappearing font dialog bug that you mention happened when a new version of Mac OS was introduced; it’s fixed.

    You can obtain the latest version of SuperLab 4 from this page

    It is a free update to all SuperLab 4 users. Of course, I highly recommend that you upgrade to version 5 if you have the funds. It is even way better.