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  • linking pictures and text


    Two of my students are trying to link pictures and words together but for some reason it isn't working. I have attached the experiment. Basically, they are showing pictures and they want the text to appear under the picture and then participants respond
    Thank you
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    The experiment clearly looks like someone’s homework.

    - The block “Cue” is not linked to the trial “Cue”, so only the first “Instructions” block is being presented.

    - The event “Cue” is set to not erase the screen, so it comes on top of the instructions and it’s hard to tell that it’s there.

    - All five events that are linked to the trial “Cue” are set to end immediately, so SuperLab doesn’t wait to collect a response.

    But more importantly, this experiment lends itself totally to using stimulus lists, but that feature is not being used. I highly recommend that your students reconsider re-doing the experiment to use lists; they will actually save time.