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Inserting and randomizing videos

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  • Inserting and randomizing videos

    I am trying to present two different clips to my participants in two separate events, and have the videos randomized each experiment to account for order effects.

    I have inserted video clips into my experiment in a stimulus list, and have selected an event to select "A file chosen from...". When I try to run the experiment to test it, the event presents both the clips instead of just "A file." How do I get the event to just select one video to view?

    In addition, I want to randomize the videos that are being presented between both events. How do I do this? (let me know if I need to make this question more clear).

    Thank you.

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    Do you have one stimulus lists with the two different clips? Or, two separate stimulus lists? If you have both videos in one stimulus lists, SuperLab will play them both. I don't know how your experiment is set up, however there are Randomization options under the Block Editor and the Trial Editor.