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Blocks counting trials incorrectly

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  • Blocks counting trials incorrectly

    I have just upgraded to SuperLab version 4.5.1 and am having difficulties with the blocks. Attached is a simplified experiment to demonstrate the problem. I only want a block to present 2 trials that have not been seen previously. The attached experiment presents all of the trials. Even simplifying things and asking a block to only present a specific number of total trials is not working correctly...
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    Your post implies that this used to work in previous versions, however that's not the case. Here are the steps you need to follow:
    • Look for the "old" not "new" codes to figure how many have been presented as opposed to how many are remaining

    • Under the Block level, in the Expression Editor change it to "Is Less Than"

    • Next to Present the trials in the block, in the Block Editor, it should state "While the condition expression is true


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      ah, thanks!