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Serial Reaction Time task

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  • MonikaT
    A sample experiment is attached. Please note some of the following settings:
    • In all events, except the first, under the Stimulus tab, Settings, Presentation Options "Erase screen before presenting stimulus" is checked off

    • A Trial Variable was created for the location of the asterisks

    If you want the asterisks to appear in random order, go to Experiment, Trial Variable, double click on "Asterisks positions". Then, select the Level Selection tab. Here you will switch it to "Random with no replacement" under Use the following order.
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  • gigra
    started a topic Serial Reaction Time task

    Serial Reaction Time task


    Is there a way to have 4 placeholders fixed on the screen while an asterisk appears in one of them every time the participant presses a key? I don't mind if it is 4 dots or lines, as long as they are arranged horizontally. I would like the asterisk to appear slightly above one of those 4 locations every time a key is pressed. Is there a way to do it? I tried combining a picture and text stimuli but didn't work out (the white part of the picture shadowed half of the asterisk).