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    I did not find help in the forum yet, so I will try it with a new thread.

    I am preparing an experiment with SuperLab and EEG.

    I created a marker for 2 images that appear at the same time. In the event list the marker is right before the images.

    I tested the onset and offset of the marker and the images. Now the problem is, that the marker OFFset indicates the image ONset. But I want the marker ONset to be at the same time as the image ONset.

    How can I do this in Superlab?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    If you want to mark both the onset and offset of the two images, I suggest that you have a "digital output" event before the two images, and one after. But instead of setting the action to "Generate a pulse", set the action on the first digital output event to "Raise lines", and on the second digital output event to "Lower lines".


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      Thank you for your answer!

      I would like to just marker the ONset of the images.

      Should I just click "raise lines" for the marker that comes before the event instead of generate a pulse? Is it exactly the marker for the onset of the image then?


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        For marking just the onset, you need only one digital output event. It should come after the two pictures are displayed but before you start accepting a participant's response.