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  • Prime Matching Experiment

    I am having some issues with creating restrictions for an experiment I am running. This will be a bit long winded to explain.


    Fixation cross --> Prime appears (1000ms) --> ISI (17ms) --> Test Pair (two shapes)

    The subject is asked to decide if the two shapes in the test pair are the same or different.

    Now for this experiment there are 5 different primes and 9 different test pairs. I am trying to make a restriction so that the same prime cannot be displayed two times in a row and also that the same test pair cannot be displayed two times in a row. So essentially the subject is seeing different primes and test pairs on each trial.

    Set up:

    In my events I have:

    Fixation Cross
    Prime 1
    Prime 2
    Prime ...
    Prime 5
    Test Pair 1
    Test Pair 2
    Test Pair ...
    Test Pair 9

    In my trials I have:

    Prime 1 Test Pair 1
    Prime 1 Test Pair 2
    Prime 1 Test Pair 9
    Prime 2 Test Pair 1

    So essentially all the combination's of trials exist. I can make a macro to mark the event when it occurs, but can only seem to mark an event once so that I can only restrict whether a prime can't follow itself or a test pair can't follow itself. I can't seem to be able to restrict both.

    Is there any other way to set this up so that I could create restrictions for both? I know this sounds very complicated. I don't even know if I am explaining it right, but I have run out of ideas and wanted to see if anyone here is much more skilled with superlab. Thanks for your help in advance!!

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    I'm almost positive this is feasible. I will contact you via private message to schedule a time to discuss this over the phone.