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Output port to cedrus StimTracker device

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  • Output port to cedrus StimTracker device

    I was able to test that the presentation software is interfacing with the stimtracker. The problem that I am having now seems to be with the code sequence. I'm not sure I understand the sequencing for communicating with stimtracker.
    I see how mp\x0A\x00\x00\x00 = 10, but I'm not sure I understand how mp\xE8\x03\x00\x00 = 1000 from the Presentation wiki ( Also, it seems that every odd code I send, sends the same code sequence to the Biosemi software (decimal value = 128). Thanks for the help.

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    Hi Sylvia G

    Not sure if you are using
    If you are sending event code make sure that you are checking on the bits that correspond to what ever you want to record.

    The link above shows
    Event marker bit 0 Trig. 8 / 128
    Event marker bit 1 Trig. 9 / 1 (MSB)
    Event marker bit 2 Trig. 10 / 2

    sending event marker on every bit will signal a corresponding decimal values in your BioSemi Software (I assume?)

    See my posting if it will help you :-)




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      The mp command sets the pulse duration for subsequent uses of the mh command. But the mp command will not send a pulse if used by itself.

      Meanwhile, a new web page was created this morning that illustrates how to use a terminal emulation program to send commands to StimTracker. It could serve as a useful stepping stone prior to writing code that interacts with StimTracker.


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        Thank you so much for the response. It was very helpful. I was able to download and install the RealTerm software and was able to get the "Markers" Blue LED light on the front panel of the StimTracker to activate. I think the problem must be with how I setup the BioSemi Actiview software because I'm still not seeing the corresponding 255 value on the EEG computer.