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RB 834 output

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  • RB 834 output

    I haven't purchased it yet, but I would like to use the RB 834 to do 2 things. I'd like it to allow input to Superlab, but also to provide a signal to my physiological recording equipment (PowerLab) through either an 8-pin DIN connector or a BNC type connector. This would allow me to insert a comment into the recording for each stage of the experiment. What do I need in addition to the RB 834 and the corresponding cable to do this?

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    Hi Beatrice,

    Our response pads have an Accessory Connector on the back that, by default, will provide signals whenever a key is pressed. General notes:
    • Physically, the Accessory Connector is an RJ45 connector, identical to the Ethernet (network) connector. These cables are very easy to find.

    • Only 6 output lines are available. See this tech support note for the details.