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Matlab to Stimtracker to Scan?

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  • Matlab to Stimtracker to Scan?

    I have recently purchased new computers for my EEG facility, but I have not upgraded my amplifier (SynAmp2). I have installed the latest version of Scan (4.5) to one of the new computers for EEG recording. As for presentation of stimuli, instead of using Stim like I used to in the past, I want to use Matlab. So I have the Matlab computer connected to the SynAmp2 box via a 25-pin parallel port, because this is the trigger port that's available on the SynAmp2 box. And then SynAmp2 is connected to the Scan computer via a USB port. I know that these last 2 components communicate without a problem because I can see the EEG trace. However, I can't see the triggers coming from Matlab.
    I found out that I don't have the right 25-pin parallel port card installed on my Matlab computer. It is a simple printer port, but SynAmp requires a PCI-x card. However, my new computer uses a PCIe interface.
    Do you think that purchasing a StimTracker could solve my problem?
    Will StimTracker detect stimuli sent by Matlab via a USB port, and then send the info to SynAmp via a 25-pin parallel, and then will I see the trigger on scan?
    I am concious that I may need to adapt my coding in Matlab, but my concern at the moment is getting the hardware right.
    Many thanks!

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    Yes, StimTracker would help solve that problem. We worked with Neuroscan folks to ensure that.

    One thing that is not clear to me in your post is why does SynAmp require a PCI-x card. I thought it only took a DB25 connector. But then, I am not familiar with SynAmp to know.