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E-Prime events through StimTracker to ActiView

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  • MonikaT
    ActiView sees it as 8, 9, and 10 on their end. The highest possible decimal number if all 3 bit (and only those 3 bits) were turned on is 448.

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  • mbreen
    started a topic E-Prime events through StimTracker to ActiView

    E-Prime events through StimTracker to ActiView


    I have recently purchased the StimTracker and am trying to integrate it with E-Prime and my current BioSemi ActiView system. At present, I am only able to access 3 event pins via the StimTracker, resulting in 7 individual event tags. This is fine, but the problem I'm having is with how the events show up in the EEG record. Specifically, when I look at the data in eeglab (with Matlab), I don't always see the tags I'm expecting. For example, when I send the sequence 3, 1, 2 from E-Prime, I sometimes see the output as 384, 128, and 256, but other times I see 384, 128, and 272 (or 288, or 304). Can anyone explain this variability?

    Thank you,