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Lumina as keyboard no response, Posted 1 Week Ago #1
Hi! I'm using Lumina LS-Pair as keyboard with e-prime, I have a task with a visual analogue scale (VAS) where buttons are programmed to move the cursor right or left through the VAS. The first time I tested the task with the lumina pad, the cursor moved slowly but it moved, next time I tested, it moved just a couple of milimeters for the first trials and for the subsequents it moved not at all (they are programmed the same). The same buttons worked well for other commands in other moments of the same task (as enter, for example). I wonder if the trouble is in the interface between the controller and the lap top Im using to run the task
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From your description, itís difficult to tell if the issue is with the Lumina system or with how the experiment is programmed in E-Prime.

Are you using the Lumina 3G controller, like the one in this picture? and are you using it in keyboard mode?

If you are using it in keyboard mode, I suggest that you try to press the keys in the same manner as you would when running the experiment, but to do so while using Notepad instead of E-Prime. If the key presses are appearing as expected (and when expected) in Notepad, then the issue is in the experiment itself.
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