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I'm trying to use the Trial setting "Randomize all events in this trial except the first and the last", and it's putting the last event first.

There are 5 events, listed in the desired order in the Event list. The first event is a stimulus list (movie), which is randomized each time but comes first each time. The next three events (input) should be randomized, then the last event (more input) should come last.

What is actually happening is the last event comes first, then the properly-randomly-selected movie, then the randomly-ordered three input trials.

I have tried un-ticking the "...and the last one" for Randomize Events, and it all works correctly, but I really need that last input to come last.

I've attached a miniature of my experiment package below, containing just the practice trials. The full experiment was too big to attach. I test-ran the mini experiment and the problem persists.
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File Type: zip Part 3 practice trials (47.70 MB, 3 views)
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I have edited the experiment to match your requirements. I have deselected the except the last one option and am presenting the RateEnjoy event at the end of the trial through rules rather than standard linking.
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File Type: zip Part 3 practice trials (47.70 MB, 8 views)
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