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I have 4 stimulus lists (each with 12 words). I need to present 2 of the lists on the left side of the screen and 2 on the right side (individually). At this point, I'm able to get the lists presented to the correct sides of the screen. However, I'm not sure how to make it so that the presented words don't just alternate from left to right presentations. I'd like the presentation to be a bit more random visually (i.e. left, left, right, left) but I still need certain lists to be presented to a particular side.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Posted March 14th, 2014 #2
I have attached a demo experiment demonstrating the type of randomization you need. The experiment contains four stimulus lists, two being on the left-hand side and two being on the right-hand side.
  • Each of the four stimulus events are attached to their own trial
  • There is one Block that is attached to all four trials
  • The randomization is done under the Block level, under the Randomize tab. Both "Randomize the trials in this block" and "Randomize stimulus list items across trials" are selected
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