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I'm doing a prisoner's dilemma task, in wich there are two posible responses: cooperating and defecting. If the participant cooperates he has a 50% chance of winning 2 points and 50% of winning 0 points. If the participant defects he can win 3 or 1 (also 50%-50%). So, each trial has two possible events, and each of this two events has different feedback, depending on the participant response, to inform the number of points won in said trial (In one of them the participant can win 3 if he defects and 2 if he cooperates, and in the other one, 1 if he defects and 0 if he cooperates). I don't think there is a way of showing the total score in this kind of experiment, is it?

I attach an example of the experiment in case it helps.
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Thank you for contacting us directly by email. I am happy we were able to answer your questions.
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