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Time Limit for Trials, Posted November 2nd, 2015 #1

I am setting up an experiment with 6 randomized in each block. Under Trial Editor, I have "after this trial has started, wait 30500 ms before starting the next trial in this block." I would like a set amount of time for each trial. However, this works for the first 5 trials within a block; the last one always ends as soon as the participant responds to the last stimulus, and it would move on to the next block.

Regarding the similar issue, the events within the trial would not end after 30500 ms if the participant doesn't respond to the stimuli.

Can anyone let me know how to set a time limit for each trial so that all trials last the same amount of time? I've attached a copy of the sl4 file I've set up so far.

Thank you,
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Posted November 4th, 2015 #2
Wei Ju, the feature that you describe, “after this trial has started, wait 30500 ms before starting the next trial in this block” has been renamed to Trial Pacing in SuperLab 5.

I had forgotten during our phone conversation that SuperLab 5.0.3 or later will honor the Trial Pacing time constraints across block boundaries, assuming that both the trial at the end of a block *and* the trial at the beginning of the subsequent block both have Trial Pacing enabled.

So now you have two options: putting all your trials in a single block as we discussed on the phone and implement constrained randomization as described in this thread, or simply upgrade to SuperLab 5.
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